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If you’re like tens of millions of other Americans, pain isn’t the big reason you delay going to the dentist. 

For 71.1 million Americans, the “real” pain is going to a dental office with no dental insurance. About 23% of Americans pay out of pocket every time they go to the clinic. 

But if you don’t have dental insurance, there’s something that many dental clinics might not want you to know:

You might be helping pay for others’ dental work. 

Insurance companies work with dentists to bring the price tag down for their customers.

But here’s the secret: Many clinics have to recover costs after dealing with insurance patients. 

Insurance companies are something like premium patients themselves. They can sometimes get rock-bottom prices for high-end work.

But like all businesses, dentists have to recover from when they give discounts. It just doesn't work if every patient gets a discount every time.  ​

Have you guessed where those insurance discounts at the dentist really come from yet?

Many times, it’s the patient right after them - the patient who has no insurance.

But at Reneer Dental, we don’t force some patients to “foot the bill” of other patients. 

Every month, we help more than 200 patients without insurance figure it all out. For 8 years, the office operated only for those without dental insurance. 

We found that when we removed the “middle man” of insurance, something great happened... The most expensive procedures became accessible at the lowest prices available. 

We didn’t have to charge one customer $100 for a filling, and then 15 minutes later charge $300 for an identical filling.

You won’t get rushed out the door because of some race to recover costs.

And when we’re not rushing your time in the dental chair, the quality of your work isn’t at risk... Because our focus isn’t on insurance companies, we can focus on you. Not profits.

We are confident that you’ll find unmatched service, quality, and overall pricing at Reneer Dental. ​


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