Meet Dr. Reneer

Dr. Christopher D Reneer


located in Prescott, Arizona, caters to uninsured adults seeking quality care at affordable prices. Without the overhead of dealing with insurance corporations seeking to deny coverage, we can offer quality US manufactured dental prosthesis and appliances at lower prices. If you have insurance covering out of network care, we are glad to provide you with the paperwork necessary for reimbursement.

Operating for more than five years, we offer personalized dental services to those looking to optimize their health and wellness. Unlike corporate dental clinics, you’ll deal with Dr. Chris, Alana, Kathryn, or Brijet every time. Earning and validating your trust in our expertise is the focus of our efforts starting with our thorough evaluation of your oral health and simple explanations of your treatment options to completed treatment of your choice using advanced technology and expertise. We provide complementary second opinions, often explaining and validating your dentist’s treatment recommendations.
We provide digital x-rays, photographs, implant restorations, crowns, veneers, dentures and other cosmetic procedures. Give us a call about flexible payment plans or Care Credit’s™ 0% interest financing options.